Hale and Hearty

“A joyous traveller, a half-minded gypsy

To whom we call not naive or wacky

but hale and hearty.”



“If you ask, I have an unrequited love for youth. For a small phase in our lives we get to be what we are, can be, and aspire to be. Followed is my love for friendship – genuine ones that we can feel without the burden of unmasking the hard-fixed facade. “I am in love with what we are – not what we should be,” told Kesha in Animal; at the spinning pace of this world friends are the shoulder for you to lean on. Yet it is not until I am so close to the end of it that I can feel the danger of bidding it a lasting goodbye. Youth and friendship has never felt so fresh, yet I can only earn to cherish it at its closing scene. It is perhaps too late – is it?”


“Bombarded was she with passion – bursting

at the serenely majestic force of nature”


“Now, bear with me, I do not convict these rituals as detrimental or annoying in any length. The scrub is when I am ridiculed for being not so outspoken and determined in these moments. What is wrong with not enjoying the last second of the old year? What is wrong with having little emotion? What is wrong with being seated in your sofa or entrenched in your bed and having a good sleep when you are spared of all the fuss? It gets to me so badly when people are deemed outcasts if they express unearthly, unpopular reactions to the slightest change.”


“As she harped on about the aesthetics, I could not even attempt to hear her utterances. They were of little interest to me, and she was being persnickety as opposed to my indiscriminating taste. Yet I was more entranced into her sudden enthusiasms, since she never gave her two cents about anything substantial in life. Her ability to spot out random occurrences had never failed to stimulate my grin.”